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Dreamtimers social network has the main goal of creating an opportunity to meet new people and establish new social relations based on the creativity and originality of the dreamers.

Dreamtimers Inc. is not responsible for the content posted in the website. Although we keep the right to access, modify and delete any content that violates our website terms.

Those terms are as follows:

  • 1) Do not use dreamers account for commercial or marketing purposes, use dream chief accounts instead as an institution.

  • 2) Keep the good manners when interacting public or privately with other dreamers.

  • 3) Do not use violent expressions or violent messages through text, sound, images or videos to intimidate or to trasnsmit any kind of message.

  • 4) Do not rent your account.

  • 5) Do not publish pornographic or violent content that may affect the sensibility of other dreamers.

  • 6) Race, sex, religion or any other kind of discrimination won't be accepted.

  • 7) Do not insult, stalk, threat or attack the image of other dreamers or their right to the privacy of their content.

  • 8) Do not publish content that may contain false or confidential information with intentions to alter market values fluctuations.

  • 9) Do not create a false identity with the purpose to cheat other dreamers about your real identity.

  • 10) Spam or Scam will not be accepted in this site.

  • 11) Personal information of the dreamers stays in this site. Dreamtimers does not sell your personal data and never will.

Dreamtimers development team will keep the right to disable or terminate any account that does not meet those terms of use.

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